Coconut oil as make-up remover

Anyone who knows me can testify that I wear a lot of make-up, in particular dark eye liner. I just love it.

[Insert selfie collage as evidence.]


This looks great, but come bedtime it can be a real pain in the bum to get off. For many years I struggled with make-up wipes, rubbing my eyes red raw to get it all off and with my skin often stinging afterwards, due to the shear elbow grease that has been put into getting make-up off such a delicate area of skin. I didn’t feel this was very good for my long term eye or skin health, and longed for another answer, yet felt unsure of where to look as everything else I’d tried had failed and this just seemed the easiest solution.

Thankfully I found the answer, very much by accident, in a video posted to YouTube by Kiera Rose (who is a great YouTuber I recommend you check her out). She happened to mention that she uses coconut oil to remove make-up and I thought this sounded interesting. After doing some research of my own, I found that coconut oil does indeed seems to be one of these miracle natural products that has a 101 different uses, with make-up removal being among them.

It is also super simple to use and easy to get your hands on. You can find it in any mainstream supermarket, often with the cooking oils, although I am starting to notice it more in beauty aisles as well. Just a note, if you are using pure coconut oil it doesn’t matter which aisle you buy it from, so just get whichever one is cheapest/ looks nicest to you.

When you have your coconut oil I find it helpful to decant it into a smaller tub, just so it is easier to scoop up.

When you want to use it simply scoop a small amount on your fingers and rub them together a little to melt it a bit. Then rub it in a circular motion over your closed eyes, eyebrows, lips, wherever you have stubborn make-up you want to remove. You can then simply wipe it off with a cotton pad or similar, however once I have my face all oiled up I like to wash it off with soap and water. I then simply pat it dry with a towel and have beautiful make-up free skin 🙂

WARNING, this process will make you look like a panda temporarily.




Call that short hair!

This has really been bugging me recently, and as someone who ACTUALLY has short hair I feel like I need to speak up. So here goes….

Dear women of the internet and beyond,

If you have hair which is around your shoulders, you do not have short hair! Please stop labelling videos and articles, ‘Cool short hair styles’ or ‘How to style short hair’ when in fact you are talking about what can only accurately be described as medium or long hair. It is very misleading to those of us who actually do have short hair.

This is how I break-down hair lengths for those of you who aren’t sure, and I honestly thought this was widely accepted as fact (until this recent flurry of mislabelled short hair content).

Short hair – bulk of your hair is above your chin

Example (current/ recent me):


Mid (or medium length) hair – hair is between your chin and shoulders (note this does, for me at least, include shoulder length hair)

Example (me from about 3-4 years ago):


Long hair – your hair (or at least most of it) goes beyond your shoulders

Example (me from a long time ago):


Recently people seem to have abandoned the idea of mid length hair and boiled it down to long or short, which is simply not useful or representative! Of course there are nuances and lets not even go into super short hair (which is mostly shorter than ear length, I’m talking pixie cut or shaved). This is still a simplistic look at hair lengths but I think it is more helpful. I would know not to get excited about ‘6 new ways to style mid length hair’, as I currently have short hair.

Maybe it is just that short hair is easier to say and type. Maybe we need to agree a better term; mid hair? midi hair? medium hair?

Okay, so this was a weird personal rant, it’s just as someone who has short hair I hate getting excited over what turns out to be irrelevant content.

End of rant.




Hello World!

Hey, Lilly Stardust here.

Obviously that’s not my real name but we can talk about pseudonyms and all of that another time. Just wanted to introduce myself and let you know a little of what I’m about.

So, I’m a woman, I’m a millennial – and yes I do love social media…hello WordPress!

Other things I love include, but are not limited to, Disney, My Little Pony, tattoos, rockabilly dresses, WWE, NFL (Go Pack Go), NBA (Knicks rule) and more recently MLB (Let’s go Mets). I also really like comics, drinking tea, watching TV comedies, Nintendo video games and Vans – the shoes not for driving. Oh, and I’m vegan so, yeah that plays a pretty big part of my life as well!

I have started my own blog empire, to cover all of the things I want to write about but keep them separated for those who are only interested in specific themes.

So here are the blogs I have, follow the ones that interest you and ignore the rest!

Digi Domi
Technology and education based blog.

Feminist Freak
My blog about feminism/ gender issues.

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Vegan Vista
All about the vegan lifestyle, from food to toiletries and more.

When Inspiration Strikes
Poems and other creative inspiration as it occurs.


Lilly Stardust
This blog, and where I will talk about everything not covered in other blogs (beauty, tattoos, dresses, Disney etc).

Oh, and I’m on Twitter (@Lilly_Stardust), feel free to follow me there as well.

So stick around to see more from me talking about those things.

See ya soon!