Hello World!

Hey, Lilly Stardust here.

Obviously that’s not my real name but we can talk about pseudonyms and all of that another time. Just wanted to introduce myself and let you know a little of what I’m about.

So, I’m a woman, I’m a millennial – and yes I do love social media…hello WordPress!

Other things I love include, but are not limited to, Disney, My Little Pony, tattoos, rockabilly dresses, WWE, NFL (Go Pack Go), NBA (Knicks rule) and more recently MLB (Let’s go Mets). I also really like comics, drinking tea, watching TV comedies, Nintendo video games and Vans – the shoes not for driving. Oh, and I’m vegan so, yeah that plays a pretty big part of my life as well!

I have started my own blog empire, to cover all of the things I want to write about but keep them separated for those who are only interested in specific themes.

So here are the blogs I have, follow the ones that interest you and ignore the rest!

Digi Domi
Technology and education based blog.

Feminist Freak
My blog about feminism/ gender issues.

Sinclair Sports
For all things sports (inc. NFL, NBA, MLB & WWE).

Vegan Vista
All about the vegan lifestyle, from food to toiletries and more.

When Inspiration Strikes
Poems and other creative inspiration as it occurs.


Lilly Stardust
This blog, and where I will talk about everything not covered in other blogs (beauty, tattoos, dresses, Disney etc).

Oh, and I’m on Twitter (@Lilly_Stardust), feel free to follow me there as well.

So stick around to see more from me talking about those things.

See ya soon!


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