The secret to eyeliner


By no means am I a beauty expert. Not even in my most far fetched dreams would this be true. However, I do wear makeup and I think I manage to do so without looking ridiculous. In fact, as bizarre as this is to me, people have complimented me on my makeup before, especially my eyeliner. I like to go with a slightly rockabilly style and have black eyeliner on my upper lid with a little flick or wing.

Some people have asked me how I am able to do it, and so I thought I’d just write about my two biggest eyeliner secrets.

#1 Practice makes better

It might not make you perfect, but practice will certainly make you better. It has taken many years of practising to get down the technique I use today for my eyeliner. To make my hand steadier and understand how to get a good flow takes repetition. It might be best to practice a few times when you don’t have much on that day, or when you are staying in, so you can get a feel for how to do it properly before you have a big night out. Having said this it is still a mysterious beast and I never seem to be able to do it exactly the same every time. ¬†Maybe this is my lack of expertise but if you are a regular Jane like me, then don’t worry it you still have off days (even after years of experience).

# 2 Sometimes you have to roll with it

Be prepared to abandon your plans. Thought you’d do a nice thin line today? Well your hand just wobbled a little and now you will have to do a thicker line to cover it up. Over time you learn that sometimes it is easier and quicker to go bigger than to try and start again or fix the problem (smudging etc). You can use a cotton bud with a little coconut oil on it to try and fix little mistakes, but generally I tend to just go bigger to cover up. Which has meant going to work with slightly more glam heavy eyeliner than intended, but hey everyone just thinks I’m fabulous now!

Those are my top two tips for eyeliner and I hope they are helpful. Basically just grab a liquid or gel liner and go for it.


P.S I use the¬†GOSH Xtreme Liquid Gel Eye Liner Black but have used gel and felt style liners in the past. I really like this one though and find it has good staying power. Plus it’s cruelty free and vegan!