So it’s 2017! The champagne has been drunk, the countdown is done and it’s into remembering just how freaking cold January can be (I always forget)! Of course, January is also the time for resolutions, for pledges of, ‘a new year, a new me’ and vowing that this year will be different. The jokes and memes at this time of year are naturally all around how these declarations of improvement will soon be abandoned come Easter at the latest, as the enthusiasm wains.

For this reason, I am not really one for making resolutions, not least because I’ve finally gotten to a place in my life where…I like myself. I don’t really wanna make any drastic changes. Sure I could lose some weight, but I’m happy with how I look and since there are no negative health problems (at the moment) I acknowledge any big diet or exercise change wouldn’t last. I’d like to try and eat better and make healthy choices but this is a constant tweaking process in my life and not something I am going to meaningfully change with a single vow.

Naturally, this is the part of the blog where I turn heel and go, having said all of that, I think that the end of one year and the start of a new year is a good time to reflect and evaluate areas you might want to extend more effort. For me, this is just generally expending more effort. I’d like to be less lazy about everything. I’d like to put cups in the dishwasher straight away so that a mess doesn’t build up, and put the dishwasher on before I go to bed, not once I’ve run out of clean forks. I’d like to stop watching repeats of TV shows I’ve already watched (30 Rock is just so nice and comforting) and instead pick up a book and read, or play a video game. These are not big changes or unrealistic pledges, these are small changes that I can make gradually, and that don’t go against my personality. I’m not trying to eat things I know I won’t like, or completely change my lifestyle. I’ll still eat tofu hot dogs (I like to call them hot cats), I’ll still drink beer on Sundays and lie on the sofa after work watching TV. So help me I will still watch 30 Rock for the millionth time. I’m simply aiming to alter the last 30 minutes of sofa lazing to be reading rather than watching.

Maybe I’ll review in the summer to see if I’ve started to make these small changes. That all depends if I keep my goal to blog more than twice a year 😉

HAPPY 2017!


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