My Love is For Sale

This week saw that most commercialised of holidays, one that tends to evoke some pretty passionate responses perhaps above and beyond other holidays. I’m talking of course about the love-fest, also known as Valentine’s Day.

I used to be pretty unenthusiastic by Valentine’s Day, let’s call it V Day for brevity’s sake. I saw how commercial it was, with its forced roses (not just any old flower will do), its chocolates in heart shaped boxes and its heart covered cards. In fact, its general overuse of hearts, the colour red, and the colour pink made me do the mandatory independent lady response and gag. I also hate the idea of a holiday making people feel bad, unloved or worthless.After all, that is not what a celebration of love should be about. Even in a relationship, I was secure. I didn’t need Hallmark to tell me when to express my love!  I didn’t want jewellery or a fancy dinner. I still don’t particularly want the fancy dinner, and jewellery shouldn’t be limited to February 14th.

Having said this, over the last couple of years my attitude has changed towards V Day. I’m not saying I’m into heart shaped chocolates, I’m just saying that I’ve started to get a bit more excited about the day. Now that my husband and I are a little bit older and have more disposable income, we can use it as an excuse to buy each other presents. With our birthdays in the spring and our anniversary in the autumn, V Day gives us a nice reason to share gifts at the start of the year. It’s probably something we’d do anyway, this just frames it for us. I love giving my husband presents, and for us, these don’t need to be themed or limited to heart shaped items. Valentine’s gift for each other have included; tickets to gigs, clothing, and books. It means we don’t have to save up leftover Christmas present ideas until spring!

So although I get why some people hate Valentine’s Day, I’ve begun to embrace the excuse to get dressed up and revel in the joy on my husband’s face when he opens his new Moana t-shirts* and Japanese language text book**.

*We both adore the movie Moana. Seriously we’ve had that soundtrack on loop since the movie’s release and saw the actual film together 3 times in the cinema (I then went a 4th time with my parents).

**My husband wants to learn to speak Japanese.


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