Sweet in shorts

It might be a bit cold to think wearing anything other than a nice jumpers, thick tights, or warm boots, but with the cooler weather heading in it is the perfect time to reflect on this past summer. In particular, shorts.

I don’t normally like to wear them as I’m very self-conscious about my legs. They are too short for my body (in my opinion) and I just don’t like to look at them. But thanks to climate change it’s getting hotter. This means that a refusal to wear them has been increasingly difficult to manage in the summer months, especially as when I wear skirts without tights it seems to attract breezes leading to many ‘Marilyn moments’.

Pair the increasing heat with my growing self confidence/decreasing amount of fucks given about what other people think and this summer I invested in many pairs of shorts. I mean proper shorts, that sit above the knee (not at or below it). To start with I just wore them around the house. Then when I was comfortable I started wearing them out of the house, initially just to pop to the shops, then going out for the day, and eventually I even wore them to work!

That’s right, I actually enjoyed wearing shorts this year!!

I am embracing the body that I have, after all it’s my body and it’s done me pretty well so far! Besides, it’s not like I can change the length of my legs and that’s my main issue with them. So I can either be uncomfortable (both in terms of heat and confidence) or I can just say hey, these are my legs and I love them!

Looks at me go!


The shorts are longer than that, they had just ridden up after I was lying down. I’m not quite THAT confident!!!


Perfect pout (vegan)

When I first became vegan four years ago, I wasn’t as heavily into makeup as I am now (currently thoroughly down that rabbit hole) but I still found the surrounding stuff much more challenging/confusing than the diet element of veganism. I was vegetarian before and had been reducing dairy due to self-diagnosed lactose intolerance so food wise it wasn’t a big change and there was a lot of guidance around to help the transition. I also found a lot of it was fairly self-explanatory, so food and drink never bothered me. I was much more concerned about cleaning products, toiletries, and cosmetics. There is a lot of support for this as well, I’d recommend blogs like Vegan Taff and Logical Harmony.

In this post, however, I want to focus on lipsticks, as it’s one of my biggest current cosmetic passions and I have a rapidly expanding collection from some fabulous brands.

For lipstick, I have one main criterion and that is that it must be kiss proof. My husband’s grumbling and groaning if I give him a kiss goodbye in the morning and he ends up wearing the same shade as me means that making sure I keep my lipstick to myself is a priority. For this reason, I mostly don’t wear lip glosses, as these tend to transfer, although I do still have some.

I’ve learnt that soemtimes it is worth paying a little more for quality and so these lipsticks aren’t always the cheapest, but to me it is so worth it.

Brands I love are:

  • Kat Von D
  • Lime Crime
  • Sugarpill
  • Revolution 

Kat Von D (KVD)

My first more expensive make-up brand that I got into and it is fabulous! Kat has two lipstick lines that I have tried, Everlasting Liquid Lipstick and Studded Kiss Lipstick, she also has a new line called Glimmer Veil which I am eager to try but need to save up for! 

The Everlasting Liquid is my favourite, it is not a traditional style of lipstick and applies now like a lipgloss (liquid lipstick) but the colours are great and it had amazing staying power (once it dries which is quite quickly). 

In the UK you can buy Kat Von D Beauty products from Debenhams (in selected stores or online) and you can also order from the Kat Von D Beauty website

Lime Crime

It’s a constant tossle between KVD and Lime Crime as to which is my favourite. Lime Crime in another great brand that is so easy and nice to wear. 

Again, there are many varieties and so far I’ve tried (and loved) the Matte Valentine’s, Metallic Valentines, Diamond Crushers, Unicorn Lipstick and Peerless.

The Valentine’s are both liquid lipsticks, which as you might have guessed are my favourites (just like with KVD). They apply and dry really easily and you don’t have to top up too much. They also come in a wonderful range of colours to suit so many different looks and moods. 

The Diamond Crushers are a glittery lip topper, so I mostly use them to add a bit more sparkle to my look for special occasions (be that a wedding or date night). 

You can order direct from their website or from Cult Beauty in the UK. 


I love the packaging for Sugarpill and the lipstick is good as well. Not my favourite as I have found some of them hard to put on, but love their eyeshadow (will talk about this in another post) so will keep buying from this brand. 

You can buy them in the UK from Beauty Bay and Cute Cosmetics.

The links above are just some of my favourite places to buy from other places are available. I have also bought many great lipsticks from Love Makeup for example. 

This list is also by no means even approaching exhaustive, these are just my favourites that I’ve tried so far. But Barry M are now doing liquid lipsticks that are vegan, Revolution is a very cheap brand that have vegan lipsticks (although I’ve not tested the staying power very well), Elf is also very reasonably priced, and there is also Jeffrey Star cosmetics which is very good (personal dramas to one side). 

I hope this was useful/interesting. Now go and get your pout on. x

Lips are Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lovesick with Lime Crime Diamond Crusher in Lit.