Sweet in shorts

It might be a bit cold to think wearing anything other than a nice jumpers, thick tights, or warm boots, but with the cooler weather heading in it is the perfect time to reflect on this past summer. In particular, shorts.

I don’t normally like to wear them as I’m very self-conscious about my legs. They are too short for my body (in my opinion) and I just don’t like to look at them. But thanks to climate change it’s getting hotter. This means that a refusal to wear them has been increasingly difficult to manage in the summer months, especially as when I wear skirts without tights it seems to attract breezes leading to many ‘Marilyn moments’.

Pair the increasing heat with my growing self confidence/decreasing amount of fucks given about what other people think and this summer I invested in many pairs of shorts. I mean proper shorts, that sit above the knee (not at or below it). To start with I just wore them around the house. Then when I was comfortable I started wearing them out of the house, initially just to pop to the shops, then going out for the day, and eventually I even wore them to work!

That’s right, I actually enjoyed wearing shorts this year!!

I am embracing the body that I have, after all it’s my body and it’s done me pretty well so far! Besides, it’s not like I can change the length of my legs and that’s my main issue with them. So I can either be uncomfortable (both in terms of heat and confidence) or I can just say hey, these are my legs and I love them!

Looks at me go!


The shorts are longer than that, they had just ridden up after I was lying down. I’m not quite THAT confident!!!


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